Chef Willie of Sonoma Private Chef Catering Napa and Sonoma

"This was so much better than going to a restaurant!

And I didn’t have to do any of the cooking or the clean-up."

/  HEIDI, CA  /


“My friends had the best night and so appreciated the dinner you prepared and the “chef show”.   It was a wonderful night…. and I loved the steak.   I totally stand corrected.  I would have that anytime.

Picky friend Don, couldn’t quit raving about your pasta.  Said it was the best he had EVER had including his favorite down in the desert and I’ve had that one and it’s pretty darn good. He kept calling it boar’s head ragu. I just let it go… 

Anyway, loved getting to know you and have you create beautiful evenings at my home. More to come for sure.”
-Sandra, NM


"I want to marry Chef Willie!"

/  Melanie, FL  /

Happy people…from Ireland!

Happy people…from Ireland!

“I’ve eaten in all the best restaurants in the entire Napa Valley and my expectations were very high for Chef Willie. He far exceeded my expectations; he totally hit it out of the park. A home run!”

-Steve, TX


"That was the best meal of my entire life."

/  Paul, FL  /


“We had a great several days in Napa with Chef Willie as our chef. He was able to turn seemingly basic dishes such as the grilled New York strips into extraordinary with accents such as the Chimichurri sauce (which was my favorite)—and had a steady stream of excellent more exotic dishes such as the wild boar ragout with bucotini. I couldn’t stop eating his cinnamon and raisin scones; but the icing on the cake was the candied orange peel (Italian style) on the chocolate soufflé. Best of all, he was not shy about sharing his secrets with a cooking novice like myself. I liked it so well, I bought his grilling cookbook…”
-Fred, IL


"That steak was perfect, really outstanding. And that sauce. Loved the sauce."

/ Loc, PA /


“The mastermind behind it all, and the kind hearted chef who created more than a meal but rather an experience for us, was the one and only Chef Willie…” 


"The appetizers were wonderful, just the right amount, such a lovely variety and all of them were delicious! And I loved the palmier cookies!"

/ Stephanie S., PA /

“On this trip we ate at Ad Hoc (for their fried chicken Monday), we tried Mustards Grill and we dined at Press - with their deep wine list on the Ipad. I liked Chef Willie’s meal better than any of the restaurants we ate at in Napa and Sonoma.”

/Ted T. , restaurant owner from Tallahassee, FL/

I’m 60. I’m from Chicago and I’m kindov a food snob. I’ve eaten a lot of meals in my life. And I have to say tonight’s dinner was one of the best dinners of my entire life. There wasn’t one thing that Chef Willie served that I didn’t like. Not one thing! I liked everything; that was a fantastic meal.

/Sue B. Chicago, Il.