Chef Willie of Sonoma Private Chef Catering Napa and Sonoma

How it works:

Proper planning makes for a perfect evening.
I shop and prep the food.
I’ll handle any rentals and my staffing.
I’ll set the table.
I prepare and serve the meal.

You and your guests can relax and enjoy the evening.

There will be wine.


Private Chef Services

Private Wine Dinners

starting at $150/person

If you’re staying at a VRBO and planning on doing some wine tasting with your group, I can cook for you!

Celebrating a big birthday or another special occasion in wine country? I gothcu.

You get to stay in. Slow down. Enjoy the amenities of your vacation rental property. No need to drive anywhere.

Skip the restaurant scene and bring in Chef Willie as your private chef.

I do all the work. You host the party. I’ll bring my “Michelin-starred worthy experience” into your home for a unique and memorable wine country dinner party that you and your guests will be talking about for the rest of the year.

If you’ve never had a private chef before, it’s a culinary luxury worth splurging on. It is a major step up in your hospitality game. I can make it fancy yet casual, dressed up or dressed down. Buffet style, family style or formal fine-dining, either way it’s a super cool way t0 go when you’re visiting Sonoma or Napa.

Homemade egg yolk pasta mezzaluna with sheep’s milk ricotta and spinach

Homemade egg yolk pasta mezzaluna with sheep’s milk ricotta and spinach


Cooking Demonstration Classes

starting at $125/person

If cooking is your passion and you love to share it with others, here is where you can get your hands-on pro chef tips and learn to be super organized so you can work more efficiently in your own kitchen, and learn to serve your dinner party guests on time.

Groups of 4-5 couples are ideal; 8-10 people max. for an instructive, interactive cooking demonstration, with recipes and tricks of the trade included.

It will be super fun, but it’s real work! Cooking multiple courses simultaneously in an unfamiliar kitchen can be complicated - that’s why chefs like me have a mis en place. “Everything in its proper place “ is a good place to start,

and a good motto:

Chef Willie says “Everything in its proper place.”

Business Buffet Luncheon Catering

starting at $125/person

So you have a small business meeting with 15 employees that need healthy snacks and an awesome company luncheon after your meeting?

If you’re a founder of a small business or an entrepreneur on the rise, let me do the cooking.

A business buffet luncheon is the way to go for your team.

Bring the team together for a fab luncheon buffet.

Bring the team together for a fab luncheon buffet.


"Our warmest thanks and congratulations for a superb afternoon of wonderful food, camaraderie, and gracious dining experience.  All of us had a truly enjoyable time and hope you, too, enjoyed the afternoon, even though you did all the work.  I can’t think what my favorite dish was but I can tell you it was all terrific , and I’m sure the others feel the same.  Bravo, well done and thanks again."

/ Lee, CA /